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IBS FAQ – Antworten auf Fragen zur Internet Business Suite
What is the IBS?
The Internet Business Suite (IBS) automates all the business processes related to the customer lifecycle in electronic commerce business models. From registration and login, product booking, billing and e-mail notification, through to customer care management. The IBS is your tool for targeted marketing of products and establishing lasting customer relationships.
How much does the IBS cost?
The IBS pricing model is based on the pay-per-use principle. You pay only the costs of user transactions that were actually incurred. To get a better idea of the IBS, we offer a 90-day test phase with a test client. This gives you the opportunity to get a better idea of the versatility of IBS or test its integration in your business model. Please contact us to find out more about our prices.
How much does professional support cost?
We offer professional support services based on your individual needs. Please contact us to find out more about the services and prices for our professional support.
Where can I find additional information about the IBS?
Additional information on the IBS such as API documentation or the onboarding guide is available in the IBS Help Center in the protected area "myIBS". An active customer account is required to access the IBS Help Center. You are given an customer account when you register for IBS test access. For questions on the pricing model or for technical and functional issues, such as the feasibility of your business model with the IBS, please contact us directly.
What operational scenarios can be implemented with the IBS?
The IBS is ideally suited for use in a wide variety of business models. With the combination of secure identity management, a sophisticated payment system and comprehensive customer management functions, it helps you automate your business process quickly and reliably. The IBS already supports a wide range of operational scenarios for all aspects of e-business, from online shops and platform solutions to browser games. Please visit our reference page for more information.
Where is the user data stored? / What about data protection and data security?
We store your data and the data of your customers exclusively at secure Deutsche Telekom data centers in Germany. And they are subject to strict German data privacy regulations. Our data centers meet the highest security standards and are regularly checked by independent institutes.
What languages does the IBS support?
The IBS offers an extensive range of options to support you in your internationalization plans. To begin with, IBS supports the entire business process in German, English and French – from the user interfaces for registration and login, or product purchase, to e-mail templates for service notifications. Simply add other preconfigured languages and currencies to your service with a click in the administration portal.
Is the IBS also available in my country?
The data is currently hosted exclusively on servers in Germany. And these are subject to German data privacy regulations. But because the IBS has a substantial capacity for internationalization, it can be soon be ready for use in multinational scenarios. Please contact us for further details.
What are the system requirements for using the IBS?
The IBS is a cloud-based solution. All you need is an interface for connecting to your service. There are no additional costs for server hosting, integration and data storage associated with using the IBS.
Where can I find documentation? / Where can I get support?
Detailed support with the aid of use cases and API documentation is available in the IBS Help Center in the protected area "myIBS". An active customer account is required to access the IBS Help Center. You are given an customer account when you register for IBS test access.
Which target group is IBS aimed at?
The range of functions offered by IBS is ideal for use in customized solutions as well as industry solutions from system integrators; it also supports the functions offered by solutions from standard software manufacturers. IBS can help you adjust or expand your IT solutions and tailor them to the needs of your commercial or public sector end customers.
What does e-business actually mean?
E-business stands for electronic business and uses digital information and communication technology to conduct business. E-business simplifies and speeds up automatable company processes with the aim of generating economic value added. While the term e-business encompasses all business processes along the entire value chain, IBS serves the external business process section. It supports collaboration and communication with the customer for electronic commerce business models.