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IBS Add-Ons: Analysis

IBS Add-on Auswertung – Internet Business Suite: Reporting

IBS Add-on Reporting – Internet Business Suite ADD-ON Reporting module. Keep track the easy way

The IBS Reporting module makes it easy for you to always keep track of things – thanks to clearly laid out graphical presentations of data that can be exported or printed. Not only do you have all the latest data and trends on user figures, registrations, logins and subscriptions at a glance, you also gain valuable insight into your revenue per product and current sales figures.


  • User figures
  • Registrations
  • Logins
  • Subscriptions
  • Sales
  • Revenue from subscriptions
  • All graphics can be printed and exported
IBS Add-on Auswertung – Internet Business Suite: Data Self Service

IBS Add-on Data-Self-Service – Internet Business Suite ADD-ON Data Self Service Module. Data export to suit your wishes and format

The IBS Data Self Service module also provides a foolproof way of exporting data for backup and archiving. You simply select the relevant records for each service offered and then start the export conveniently via the administration portal or REST interface. The requested data package is then provided in a secure, password-protected zip file.


  • Service-specific export of all relevant data
  • Variety of export formats (.CSV, .JSON, .XML)
  • Export history
  • Download as password-protected zip file
  • Export notification can be allocated freely per service