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IBS Identity – Internet Business Suite IBS Identity Access to whom access is due – simple and convenient.

IBS Identity – Komfortables Single Sign On mit der Internet Business Suite

IBS Identity makes it easy for you to set up and manage permissions for your customers, because you alone determine how your registration and login processes work. Settings include the scope and type of requested user data, key security standards and the visual layout of web forms. And configuring it all is user-friendly in the administration portal. The result is seamless integration in your service, consistent and secure data, and noticeably simplified processes.

Identity management

  • IBS Identity & Payment – Internet Business Suite: Registrierung & Login

    Registration and login

    IBS Identity lays the ideal foundation for all registration and login processes associated with your business model. From initial registration including confirmation e-mail through to signing on to customized login pages, also for third-party identities such as Facebook and Google, of course: It's simple to configure in the administration portal.

    • Registration and login (also for third-party login)
    • Login using 2-factor authentication
    • "Invite to register" function
  • IBS Identity & Payment – Internet Business Suite: Client Management


    Secure access to your services while on the move? No problem: With the latest generation of authentication protocols OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, IBS Identity also ensures mobile access to your offering from smartphone and tablet apps. And the best part is that you don't need to make any changes to the source code to ensure a secure configuration – just a few clicks in the administration portal and it's done.

    • Access control via third-party applications (apps)
    • Web-based configuration of the OAuth token
  • IBS Identity & Payment – Internet Business Suite: Session und Security Management

    Session and security management

    One for all: Instead of numerous passwords for different services, IBS Identity provides secure single sign-on solutions. Your users thus have convenient access to all the services they are approved for – with just one central password. Practical: Thanks to the "Remember Me" function, your users remain logged in even if the browser session is interrupted.

    • Single sign-on and single logout
    • "Remember me" function
    • Password change and recovery
    • Login for unconfirmed customers
  • IBS Identity & Payment – Internet Business Suite: Kundenattribute-Definition

    Definition of customer attributes

    Simply define what's mandatory: Define in the administration portal what is optional or mandatory during user registration. In addition to an existing set of standard attributes, you can add individually defined attributes such as phone number or address information.

    • Attribute provisioning for user authorization
  • IBS Identity & Payment – Internet Business Suite: Rechte-Provisionierung bei Registrierung

    Rights provisioning

    Who's allowed to do what? Assign your customers special usage rights as soon as they register for your service. It's not a problem with IBS account attributes. Or simply define attributes for your rights allocation yourself, via the REST interface.

    • Rights provisioning for user authorization
    • Rights provisioning at registration
    • Rights provisioning with freely definable attributes via the REST interface
  • IBS Identity & Payment – Internet Business Suite: Informationsmanagement

    Information management

    Communicate what's important: With IBS Identity, you keep your customers up-to-date on all activity related to their accounts, using automated notifications that you configure individually, if so desired, and simply activate or delete.

    • Configurable customer communication
    • Customer and service notifications
Das Admin Panel der Internet Business Suite

Everything under control: The innovative admin panel.

Forget about interfering with the source code or complex programming for minor configuration changes: With the IBS, you control all features with just a few clicks via our innovative admin panel. All you need is your web browser: From here you can access your admin panel with its intuitive interface to perform all the configurations and adjustments needed for your e-business.